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Website History:

1/7/19:     Initial website launch

2/4/19:     CSTD section added

2/24/19:   Deactivation section added

3/22/19:   Case study added to deactivation section

3/31/19:   Hyaluronidase paragraph added to monoclonal antibody section

3/31/19:   Additional information on gowns added to PPE section

4/5/19:     Added section on CSTD testing

4/17/19:   Added custom spill kit contents

4/21/19:   Updated wipe testing company table

4/26/19:   Added erdafitinib to excretion table 

7/5/19:     Added selinexor to excretion table

8/20/19:   Added pexidartinib to excretion table

8/22/19:   Updated deactivation page; added entrectinib to excretion table

8/31/19:   Updated information on regorafenib, added darolutamide and fedratinib to excretion table

9/16/19:   Revised carbon monoxide link to direct to CDC website

9/20/19:   Added information on Oxivir and revisions to decontamination page

11/8/2019: Added information on polatuzumab vedotin to excretion table

11/20/19:  Added zanubrutinib to excretion table

12/22/19:  Added enfortumab vedotin-ejfv to excretion table

12/28/19:  Updated CV

1/17/20:   Updated and or expanded all pages for content including decontamination, added fam-trastuzumab deruxtecan-nxki to excretion table

1/24/2020:  Added tazemetostat to excretion table

2/17/2020:  Added update on ASTM chemotherapy gown standard

4/24/2020: Added sacituzumab govitecan-hziy, tucatinib, and pemigatinib to excretion table

5/8/2020:  Added capmatinib to excretion table

5/9/2020:  Added link to Joint ONS/HOPA Q&A project for USP <800>

5/11/2020: Added selpercatinib to excretion table

5/15/2020: Added ripretinib to excretion table

6/19/2020: Added lurbinectedin and trabectedin to excretion table

7/17/2020: Added Inqovi to excretion table

8/25/2020: Updated links to products; updated cleaning information

11/21/2020: Added information about new study on flushing IV tubing (via LinkedIn)

2/7/2021:  Added umbralisib and tepotinib to excretion table; added new CJON article information

3/13/2021: Added link to Cytoprevent website

4/4/2021: Added link to bathroom contamination study and follow-up wipe testing

5/16/2021: Added trilaciclib to excretion table; added new publication on hazardous drug safety for home infusions

5/27/2021: Added sotorasib to excretion table

6/2/2021: Added infigratinib to excretion table

6/16/2021: Added avapritinib to excretion table

6/18/2021: Added PPE doffing poster

9/4/2021: Updated CV; updated consulting list

9/17/2021: Added mobocertinib to excretion table

11/5/2021: Added asciminib to excretion table, corrected formatting errors

1/13/2022: Added tisotumab vedotin to excretion table

1/19/2022: Revised excretion table to include recommended PPE for all drugs; added new excretion references

7/23/2022: Added links to new hazardous drug-related documents, including the challenges facing nurses in Europe and updates on the Safe To Touch conference.

9/30/2022: Excreta table updated; new information on ASTM gown standard

12/02/2022: Added olutasidenib to excretion table; updated information on ASTM gown standard

12/13/2022: Added adagrasib to excretion table

1/31/2023: Added pirtobrutinib to excretion table

1/31/2023: Added new ASTM gown standard F3267-22

5/30/2023: Added 2 new publications to main page

6/4/2023: Clarified wording on excretion table page

7/16/2023: Added efficacy information on Clorox wipes to deactivation page

7/21/2023: Added quizartinib to excretion table

8/10/2023: Added pralsetinib to excretion table

9/16/2023: Updated wipe testing companies table

11/10/2023: Added fruquintinib to excretion table

11/29/2023: Added nirogacestat to excretion table

3/23/24: Added mirvetuximab soravtansine to excretion table

3/27/2024: Added new publication to list

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